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      Outlook 2024 - review 2023

      What can we expect in 2024?
      The masses are slowly becoming saturated. Beginners who bought their SUP from a discounter may discover their talent and love for this trend sport.

      A cheap all-round SUP like a CRUISER offers a good introduction to paddling. But after a paddling season, it soon becomes clear in which direction you want to move.

      With a little practice, even an occasional paddler will find that a narrow touring SUP like the SHARK is no longer that difficult to ride. This can be paddled with much less resistance and the paddler can build up great speed.

      Hopefully in 2024 there will be more opportunities to complete SUP races again. Most organizers now rely on a wide range of participants and offer "inflatable" categories under which ambitious recreational paddlers can compete. The airboard ROCKET was specially designed for such races. With the following dimensions of 14" x 28" it is one of the fastest inflatable ones Race SUP on the market The SUP is even stiffer thanks to the new PolyTEC stringer, which enables more direct power transmission when paddling.

      In addition to the lakes, many paddlers have now also discovered the rivers for themselves. However, due to the previous single-layer construction, they did not rush into the adventure. A river SUP like the STREAM or even a whitewater SUP like the STORMRIDER are perfect for such operations. With the right board, every body of water can be safely explored.

      The fact that stand up paddling is a trend sport was also evident last summer at various lakes. Due to the restrictions, these were frequented above average. Many a person wished for a quiet, secluded lake. An inflatable SUP is very practical, but a complete set is still a bit unfavorable and with 10-12kg not light hand luggage. With the STRIDER we have halved the pack size and weight. Since 2022, these models have been shining in a new design. Curious? Then test our new models and let their light weight convince you.

      The paddlers now know their lakes inside and out. With an inflatable SUP you can also easily explore new lakes. But where is the best place to get into the water? What is there to discover? Can you paddle anywhere? Since the 2022 season we have developed the SUP 3.0 with an integrated guide. The SKYLINE airboard is now available in three trendy designs that show bird's eye views of various Swiss lakes. A QR code on the SUP allows you to download a lot of information about various lakes directly onto your smartphone.

      Using GPS navigation, the user has an overview of the following four details:
      1. Where am I?
      2. What is there to see?
      3. Where is the best place to land?
      4. Which zones am I not allowed to enter?

      This function will now be available on the www.paddle-spots.com platform and will be continuously expanded. More bodies of water are constantly being added throughout Europe.

      We look forward to a great 2024 season together with you!