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      1. The SUP is a water sport device.
      2. The SUP can be used on calm and moving waters. Local regulations and restrictions must be followed.
      3. Children under 12 years of age should use the SUP only when accompanied by an adult.
      4. Swimming skills are required.
      5. A lways wear a life jacket.
      6. Caution: strong winds can cause high waves and carry you away from the shore.
      7. Turbulent waters carry additional risks such as currents, swirls, and obstacles. When paddling in unknown waters an experienced guide must be arranged.
      8. Direct exposure to sun may result in overpressure of the SUP and cause serious damage.
      9. Avoid contact with pointed or sharp objects such as knives, sharp-edged rocks and stones, etc. Serious damage might also be caused to your SUP by exposure to hot objects with temperatures above 40 Celsius.
      10. Clean the SUP with fresh water only. Do not use detergent.
      11. Always let your SUP dry, before storing and do not keep it folded for an extended period of time.
      12. The SUP must not be pulled behind any motorized vehicles.
      13. The use of your SUP is entirely at your own risk.
      14. Never store the SUP at full pressure over a longer period of time. In order to store your SUP safely, reduce the pressure by half.
      15. The SUP must be labeled with name and address of the owner.
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